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Bay of Plenty - Essentials

Bay of Plenty - Essentials

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Comes with an information card with details on all the products and their makers - perfect for client and staff gifts, new builds & house sales and a great way to support local.

Pepper & Me The Mother Dukkah

Toasted almonds have been blended with signature Pepper & Me spices, sesame and coriander seeds to design a dukkah that will definitely delight. You might be thinking that dukkah isn't your thing, but that's only because you haven't tried the mother of all dukkahs - The Mother Dukkah.

Pepper & Me Garlic & Beer Spiked Mustard Sauce
Chuck this bad boy at a roasted fillet of beef, lamb rack, slices of ham or pork - Condiment perfection.  This perfectly balanced mustard sauce is a real banger, I know you guys will love it! The dark ale brings a richness to the tangy mustard, which is delightful on any sort of beef, pork or chicken. Also great on a sandwich or spuds.

Small Batch Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter 
Peanuts, Cinnamon and Raisins… its like peanut butter fruit toast without the toast. No additives, preservatives, added sugar or oil.

Solomons Gold Dark Orange Organic Chocolate 
While orange and chocolate are a classic combination, this pairing of 70% cacao, single-origin beans from the Solomon Islands and orange is a far cry from what you might find in the confectionery aisle. 

The rich, dark chocolate is balanced with a complex citrus flavour, from tangerine to mandarin ending with a hint of orange peel.

Mamaku Blue Blueberry Jelly
This blueberry jelly can be used as a tasty spread for your toast, pancakes or your favourite ice cream. You can even try it with roasted Christmas turkey.